Some unsolved mysteries of Kailash Mountain

Some unsolved mysteries of Kailash Mountain

How are you guys, today I am about to tell you about Kailash mountain. There is such a mystery about Kailash Mountain which has not been resolved till date. Does Kailash stop the footsteps of mountain climbers climbing on the mountain? It is not the highest mountain in the world, yet why is it Ajay? Does Lord Shiva still live with his family on the Kailash mountain? Kailash, the most sacred mountain in the world, is one of those things that has been heard and there are some things that have seen the eyes and there are things which have been proved by the scientists. Today we will talk about some similar things of Kailash Mountain

1. There are peaks of many such mountains in the world which have not yet been made for human beings, but even after trying, no one could climb up here, this is the only Kailash mountain.

2. The world's highest mountain is Mount Everest and Kailash Mountain is less than 2200 meters from Mau. Nevertheless, no one has climbed up on Mount Kailash till date and thousands of times have climbed Mount Everest.

3. Kailash Mountain is considered to be the home of Lord Shiva. And it is also a pilgrimage place for Hindus. Lord Shiva's Kailash Mountains are researching many big scientists, but the sage Munis say that understanding the secret of that naive is not a matter of ordinary man.

4. Regarding the Kailash mountain, Tibet Mandiro's cleric reveals that there is a supernatural force flowing around the Kailash Mountains and it is not the power or any common power, but the wonderful powers. It is said that even today some ascetic people use these amazing powers to interact with the spiritual religion.

5. Kailash Mountain is 22068 feet high from the beach. And is located in the northern Tibet of the Himalayas. Because Tibet is under China, Kailash Mountain comes to China.

6.According to experts, Kailash mountain is understood from its height and not its size. Its four-dimensional shape is considered as the four-point compass. The Kailash Mountains rise from the great rivers of 4 rivers. Sutlej, Brahmaputra, Sindhu and Ghagra A all around the Nadia grow in this area differently. Which shows four parts of the world, Kailash Mountain is in the center of all these, therefore Kailash Mountain is considered to be the center of the Earth. Here the direction indicator does not work because here it comes and gives four directions.

7. The biggest fact of Kailash mountain is that time flows fast, whether you believe it or not, but this is true. Here the scientists and travelers have seen their nails and their hair grow fast. Due to this reason it is believed that the time on Kailash Mountain is quickly distributed from the rest of the place and scientists have not yet solved this fact.

8. There are 2 districts on the Kailash Mountain which are named Mansarovar Lake. This lake is a lake of pure water in the world's highest places. This is similar to the Sun. The second lake guard, which is the saltwater lake at the highest point in the world. It comes like a moon. According to the Puranas, Mansarovar has been called a Kshirsagar. And in this Kshirsagar, Vishnu and Lakshmi Mata are sitting on Sheshnag. While it is believed about the monstrous, Ravana on the edge of it was pleased with Lord Shankar for his extreme austerity. Due to being in front of each other, these two districts are different from each other in terms of properties.

9. At this supernatural place, there is a connection between light waves and Dhoni waves, which makes Om the voice out. When the ice water of Mansarovar melts in the summer season, the voice of Damru comes out. It is believed that after the dip in Manasarovar, the person reaches the Rudra Lok after death.

10. Kailash Mountain keeps changing its position. Kailash mountain height is 6638 meters. Its small size is similar to car shivling. On which the sheet of ice is wrapped all year round.

11. To date no one has climbed on Kailash Mountain. It is believed that a Tibetan Buddhist Yogi found a repetition climb to Puri. But there is an exception in today. In the twentieth century, Western climbers had tried many times to climb this mountain, but no one has ever been able to climb up to this day. When asked about the reason for it, he told that when he was walking on the mountain, a sudden snow storm came and someone says that there was a problem of heart, some direction got confused. Someone was walking on the right track, but the way forward went missing. And it started raining heavily. A Kailash goes back even before climbing to the mountain.

Seeing this mysterious world of Kailash Mountain, the Chinese government has banned it in 2001. Friends, what do you think about Kailash Mountain? Tell us in a comment.

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